Monday, April 14, 2008

Tired from more Internet access!

According to the article “Intelligence data pulled from websites” (2001), there were a lot of important websites taken out from the Internet after the attacks of the 11th of September. The government was awakened and it took safety steps against these websites. Private companies who have such kinds of websites also removed the information, which could create danger for the people from terrorism. The National Imagery and Mapping agency has removed the maps, which have a high-resolution, from the websites. Some of the private companies also have some other helpful information, so they are also taking steps. Other informative data has been removed, which could help the enemies; however, there is still some data available online, which can help terrorism.

There are three problems caused by increasing use of the Internet. More use of the Internet is hazardous for youth. More use of the Internet is hazardous for the world and its people. More use of the Internet creates some problems with our computers.

First, more use of the Internet is hazardous for the youth. Nowadays usually people have computers and the Internet at home. Children could misuse the Internet absence of their parents at home, for example, by watching the blue film or other adult movies or clips, which can be illegal for them. Parents should be careful about this unknown fact. For instance, parents should teach good manners to their children. They should tell something about sex education by themselves only, so they don’t need to go on websites and surf more with the peers. Moreover, sometimes children tend to go in the direction of crime. Aloneness is the main factor to get this bad habit, so parents should spend some time with their children. This will help to improve them as well as to learn some new things. Instead of more use of the Internet, if children spend their time in their study or with their parents, it will good for them and for society too.

Second, more use of the Internet is hazardous for the world and its people. Crime and criminals have long hands. They can reach anywhere through the Internet. Terrorism is one of the major factors. The government should not publish all the important information about their countries. For example, in 2001 there was an attack by terrorism on the World Trade Center in the United States. Terrorists can get all information through the Internet, so government should pull out all their data from the websites. In addition, it could be very harmful for enemy countries. For example, terrorists could target a particular city or state or building and they can explode it, so the government should not put all detailed information about everything that can be useful to the terrorist. On the other side if the web information is necessary, it shouldn’t be in high resolution on the Internet. It might be prevent terrorism.

Third, more use of the Internet creates some problems with our computers. There are some people who are very good with the computer software, so sometimes they can hack our computer through the Internet. This is the major problem with computer that people are facing right now. People should limit access of the Internet. For example, people shouldn’t be on the Internet all the time even if it is not required. Moreover, people should not buy the computer if they don’t want it. For example, all people don’t require a car because they can use the bus, train or other transportation services, so that is not necessary for them; in such a way, those who don’t require computer should not buy a computer, so people can limit access to the Internet.

More use of the Internet is very dangerous for the teenagers, and for the world, and it might create a problem with peoples’ computers. People don’t want any kind of problems in their lives anymore; however, we can’t change this statement, because it is not in our hand, but somehow we can prove it and we can do it with the help of the people to work out this problem.


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